Monday, August 29, 2011

Largest festival in the world

    When I flew into Edinburgh from Amsterdam I found out that I was flying with a theatre company from the Western Michigan University. They were on there way to meet up with the Tectonic Theatre project in Edinburgh to collaborate a show called "Good Death". A week later on my arrival I decided to go watch there show which was put on in a small room transformed into a personal theatre. Even though the show was not the biggest or the fanciest it was absolutely breathe taking. I could tell that there was a lot of passion and thought put into this play, and the emotional presence sent chills down my spine.

    In the Edinburgh Fringe Festival there are a variety of shows. I got to attend physical theatre, comedy, burlesque, musical, and Dance. One of my favorite and well put together show was out of Japan called "Siro-A Technodelic comedy show". They made all there own lighting from LED body suits to all there props on stage. There were 6 of them with all there own special skills from lighting to DJs. It was an amazing show with great humor.


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