Monday, August 8, 2011

Opening party for the Fringe Festival.

After long hours of layovers and flight time I finally arrived in Edinburgh early morning on August 3rd. I was met by George Tarbuck and shown around the amazing city. I can say now that is a whole different world over here. Everybody has been real friendly and generous to welcome me into there homes. On my arrival I found out that there is 329 venues for the Fringe Festival and over 45,000 performances. One of the things that interested me is that the festival is not in one area, but all over the city of Edinburgh.

    I was invited to the opening party of the Fringe Festival where there were many performers and many venues inside of on massive building called the summer hall. There were a variety of shows such as stand up comedy, dancing, opera, bands, and theater shows.

    A couple days later i got a chance to attend one of the shows at the Edinburgh International Festival. The show was called Qing Cheng which is based out of china. They spent 3 weeks building a theater inside of a concert hall which only held 3 performances. The cost of it all was 10 million pounds but absolutely was brilliant. It was the very first show I have seen with 3D projectors.

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